Plan was to sleep in, but was up at 6 so took my malaria pill and Excedrin migraine to head off headache and was planning to go back to bed but checked FB and friends were active so said hello for awhile and then…….I couldn’t believe it -I was hearing noises in the house in a few different places. I was like what is that noise. Who is making those noise it was as if someone was trying to get in my bedroom window. Then I heard it in my bathroom window and a few other places in the house.It was down pouring rain!!! I’m not sure if I shared earlier but there is a terrible drought going especially in northern cities and counties near Vipingo. So to hear and see the down pouring rain brought joy to my heart. I hope they received some up country as well!

Then I started the day cleaning up my room and organizing how to give away the rest of the stuff I have and figuring out what I will leave here and what I need the next time I come. Have slowly by slowly given out most of my T-shirts.Started backing so when I get my heavy stuff I can arrange the best way possible!Jenna Nyanje and I made an unscheduled quick trip to CityMall Nakkumat and Safaricom to try to get my US phone to work here in Kenya so I can have internet outside of the house (nice for getting Uber rides). It was an amazingly quick trip for all that we wanted to do. Thank you Jenna Nyanje! One more step in making that happen fully but almost there! Brooke Watkins thanks for your help on the final step with AT&T.Then headed out to Mtwapa to buy some jewelry at Eve’s shop where they display the work the village ladies make. You will find photos in the pictures.


Then we headed to Eve’s house for some juice and get the girls hair done for their school conferences they were headed to.(((SIDE NOTE: Chris Reichartz notice the picture of her kitchen table – look familar to the one we saw in the furniture store that I said I wanted?)))Eve dropped me at Yul’s so I could meet with my next meeting.Got a chance to have a veggie burger and had a great meeting. We talked about many things. The vocational choices for the girls and she liked the hair dressing/braiding, seamstresses, and western style cooking ideas.In fact we had a discussion of a possible income source in Kenya for the girls once they get started making bags and other items. We have a unique business idea that will sell here in Mombasa in Western type shops and airports, as well as sell as I carry a few home. Very excited about that probably project. The girls will have automatic income coming into the center through their own hands which is the best way. We will still need sponsors as it will not cover all expenses and it will take awhile for the girls to make good enough bags for sale but slowly by slowly.We also talked about life and it was good. Relaxing and actually cool in Yul’s on a hot, hot day.This was the second meeting this trip of something that has been a struggle in my life lately. Being a leader. Being a leader is definitely a lonely position. It is hard to keep going feeling alone.Sometimes, people put you on a pedestal and expect perfection from you. Sometimes, people solely to tear you down for no reason which is even worse.I’ve been lucky to have amazing people helping but at times things still feel lonely. I hope we both left the meeting today feeling encouraged at least a little bit to follow what God has for us no matter what!I felt a pull from God to make a coming home present for someone who is not struggling but was feeling alone. Somehow God provide something in my luggage that would hit all the areas the person needed encouragement in. Was able to pull a few items together.First the Battle Plan for Prayer book that I am not done reading but I can get another copy in the states.Second – possibly my parallel Bible which may be to carry for me to carry home anyway but will definitely miss it.Third a piece of fabric that is called a conga. Everyone has a conga for several reasons – some where them as skirts, as a head piece, as work towels when they get old, and also to carry babies on their back. I had bought a few of them last trip but I find it is hard to display them at my shows and I don’t think I will get them back to the states this trip.Most congas have a Swahili phrase written on them – like a blessing to the person you are giving it to. Joy and other friends helped me translate all the congas so I knew what they said last trip and I had one that said. “No worries with you – I carry you in my heart.”It was perfect. I carried this person in my heart with a heavy burden all afternoon even now I have tears and this conga is perfect along with some more American type gifts – a T-shirt and a few other small things.God has provided again!!I cannot wait to connect again to share the home coming gift. I hope it will bring peace and connection.Then I got my own Uber ride – didn’t have to call Jenna Nyanje to call me one — through Yul’s Wifi and made my way back home. Been praying and now writing this.This Saturday evening will include:a. Setting up a Dropbox that we will put all of the Crisis Pregnancy Center forms in. We are doing this so we can easily share these forms with anyone else that would like to start a similar center in any area in Kenya, Africa, or around the world I guess. They won’t have to go through years of leg work to gather procedures, training, policies and so much more. They can start with ours and change as they need to.b. Typing up and versing more of our forms so we are already with our applications, policies, procedures, and training.c. Also hoping to possibly hear from the architect working on the plans. I know he was working on them this morning. We will see!So – until tomorrow…#KenyaOct2016