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Save the life of a young woman and her child.

Sponsorship Cards

A significant portion of our operating expenses is covered through sponsorship cards, which allow supporters to make monthly pledges towards the needs of specific girls and their babies. By sponsoring a girl, donors contribute to providing essentials like shelter, food, water, and medical care. In addition to meeting basic needs, the sponsorships also support critical services like spiritual counseling, trauma counseling, and parenting classes.

Moreover, these donations fund education and vocational training, empowering the girls to build a brighter future. Through these sponsorship cards, sponsors create a personal connection with the girls they support, offering not just financial aid but also a sense of encouragement and community. The sponsorship program is a vital component of our work, ensuring that each girl and her baby receive comprehensive care and the resources needed to thrive.

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Your support makes a life-changing impact on girls and babies.

Our mission is to see the love of Christ transform lives. To be a light in the darkness of spiritual, educational, and financial poverty. And, to bring the Gospel to those who haven’t had a chance to hear it.

New this year: staff sponsorships

We have recently introduced a new pathway for supporting our dedicated workers and staff through monthly recurring donation pledges. This initiative ensures that our staff has the resources they need to sustain their crucial work. By committing to regular donations, donors can help cover essential expenses, providing a stable foundation for our team. This new support system strengthens our community, enabling our staff to focus on delivering the best care and services to those we serve.