These are the places our girls are thrown to by their families. Abandoned and alone with no one to turn to, and nowhere to go.

Located directly off the Indian Ocean, in the Coastal region of Kenya is Kilifi County.

Life in Kilifi County, Kenya:

  • One in three girls is pregnant before 18.
  • 13,000 girls leave school each year.

This leads to immediate abject poverty. These girls and their babies are left with no hope of getting out of the cycle of extreme poverty.

Desperate for food and a safe place to sleep. Often turning to prostitution or falling into traps of sex trafficking as their only means of survival.

According to the Joshua Project, Kilifi County is a group of people unreached by the gospel.

Places where young moms abandon their babies on the side of the road

out of desperation for food, love, hope, and just wanting to go home.





39 out of 100


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For young moms in Kenya, pregnancy is worse than HIV. With HIV they have counseling and other services available to help them. But with pregnancy, there is no help, no hope. They believe their lives are over.

They’re removed from family and school, and there’s nowhere to turn to for help, advice or anything. 

Many girls try other methods of terminating pregnancy, like drinking bleach, in hopes of ending the pregnancy.

Be Hope For A young mom and Her Baby Today


As a junior in high school, she was raped & impregnated. Her baby “Iris” is now 3 years old. Her mom had a business selling alcohol, one of her customers raped her daughter. Her mother closed down her business and allowed Brittany to stay at home & is attempting to care for the baby.


Brittany finished school thanks to a sponsor that provides her education funds and her little daughter is attending school at one of our schools. 


Her mother (grandma) has also been set up with a small business thanks to a college sponsor who donated $50. They are all living Kenya style comfortably and working their way out of poverty – 3 generations of girls/women.  


With your help, this will be the future for more girls! The hope of having a safe a sustainable place to birth and raise a child while still prevailing in school despite the trauma of rape. 


Overcoming rape & unexpected pregnancy – Mercy’s Light Family brings emotional, spiritual healing, counseling, & vocational, business training. 


Proving that God’s love lights the way in the darkest of times! Mercy’s Light Family – A Light In the Darkness. 



Meet "Faith"

At just 14 years of age, her family abandoned her when she was sexually assaulted at school and became pregnant. Faith was begging at the roadside because of being poor. 

She met a man who seduced her. The man in her words was friendly at first but ended up wanting sexual relations from her for his kindness. 


Mercy's Light Family

Mercy’s Light Family transforms lives of young girls in pregnancy crisis and have been through sexual trauma.

Saving the young moms and their babies from likely death, moving them spiritual discipleship, counseling, vocational training, business creation, and true life.

“When we opened in August 2018, there were no centers helping young moms in the North Coast region of Kenya. And I think even as of today there are no other similar centers in the North Coast of Mombasa!”






Your financial support provides a three year training program which leads to self sustainability through small business ownership within Kenya. 

* Year one consists of extensive counseling, medical care, and basic education.  They learn basic vocational skills, which include beading, tailoring,  cooking, and baking. As they adjust to motherhood, they learn to dream.

* Year two consists of continuing year one and adding intensive vocational skills training. 

 *Year three consists of financial, educational and income building training.

The mothers will learn to start a business while they’re at our center. Preparing them to move out with their baby and support themselves.

Your financial support is crucial to making this happen!



Carrie Reichartz enjoyed her first profession as a practicing attorney, where she was named a “Rising Star Lawyer” by Milwaukee Magazine until she found her life’s work and passion on a mission trip to Kenya that changed her life forever. Because of her own personal experiences with trauma, she knew God’s direction would use those experiences to change people’s reality.

She lived in pain and fear for so many years she didn’t want anyone else to live there one second longer. She wanted to “give a voice” to women in particular who had suffered emotional trauma and she is also fighting systemic poverty for young moms in Kenya.

Returning to the U.S., she started a business and quickly found success due to her drive and energy. She went on to also establish two nonprofits, achieving these goals.

Through Infinitely More Life, she also speaks around the world helping people recognize and acknowledge life traumas, work through them, and turn them into triumphs in their lives. She also does courses and coaching work.

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To protect the identity of our young moms, all names have been changed and photos are not of the girls mentioned. They are random photos and stock images.

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