Travel With Us to Kenya

Our “Be the Light: Kenyan Travel Experiences” are transforming the lives of our travelers and the world!

Serve orphans & widows around the world, make life-long friends, and be transformed to discover who God created you to be!

While you give, you will also build meaningful relationships that transcend cultural boundaries, honoring the intrinsic value of yourself and every individual created in God’s image.

Traveling to Kenya with Mercy’s Light Family on a Be the Light: Kenyan Travel Experience offers an opportunity to:

  • Meet the tangible needs of orphans, widows, babies, and others. Connect with the amazing staff and clients of our various projects.
  • Experience God’s Kingdom firsthand and deepen your own devotional life, helping you break free from any “faith funk.”
  • Share the gospel in regions where it hasn’t yet reached. The coastal areas of Kenya are considered unreached by the Joshua Project.
  • Use your gifts and skills to further the Kingdom, transforming the work He is already doing.

This experience isn’t just a mission; it’s a journey of connection with Jesus, your team, and the community, fostering compassion and profound personal growth.

Return your completed packet to

Want to travel the world and be Jesus’ hands and feet? Come and make an impact with your gifts and talents, and change the world! All are welcome to join, and we have the greatest need in areas such as business, leadership, literacy, dental and medical services, painting (easy concrete wall painting), and teaching small business skills like budgeting, investing, saving, and bookkeeping. Experience God’s love on a whole new level while making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

We are currently accepting applications for our Be the Light: Kenyan Travel Experience for the following dates:

Summer: June 19-28, 2024 – Closed

Fall: October 21 – November 4, 2024 – Closed

NOTE:  Application and deposits are due by September 1 for Spring travel and April 1 for Fall travel.

2025 Trips Planned

March 1-11, 2025

Farm, Light construction/painting, Early Childhood literacy and programming

March 18-29, 2025

Advanced level literacy, Dental, Medical

April 1-10, 2025

Speaking team, Event prep, High Tea Event in Kenya 

Sept-Oct 2025

Specific travel dates to be announced.