Mercy’s Light Family
Maternity Home

Hope for young mothers in pregnancy crisis after trauma.

Rescuing girls: a path to hope and healing.

Mercy’s Light Family Maternity Home provides a safe haven for girls and their babies in a coastal area of Kenya, where beaches and hotels are a hotbed for the human trafficking we fight against. In a Muslim-dominated culture that often marginalizes women—where sexual assault, abusive marriages, and polygamous relationships are common—our work is desperately needed.

Our comprehensive three-year program supports babies, young girls, and women caught in pregnancy crises. Through spiritual and emotional healing, literacy, and vocational training, we help build a foundation for a brighter future, empowering girls to support themselves and their babies. In addition, we meet essential needs such as food, clothing, water, and medical care for both mothers and their children. Join us in transforming lives and breaking the cycle of poverty and despair. See stories of the girls we’ve rescued!

Your support provides:

  • Food, water, and shelter
  • Safety and trauma counseling
  • Prenatal health and education
  • Spiritual discipleship
  • Business/vocational training
  • Medical care

Your support makes a life-changing impact for girls and babies in Vipingo, Kenya!

A three-year journey of empowerment.

Real stories of girls we serve.

Images have been removed and names changed to protect minors. 


“Freida” was a total orphan. She lost her mother shortly after her birth, and with an absent father, she endured a tumultuous childhood, shuttling between relatives’ homes. At just 16, she became a mother herself, bringing baby “Aiden” into the world with no one to help her.

Sold into marriage

“Nancy” was sold into marriage at 12 years old by her parents. Her mom was sold into marriage at the same age. Her mother has become a grandmother at 26 years old. We aim to prevent this from happening to Nancy’s daughter as well.

family Betrayal

“Zoe” was sold into sex trafficking by her mother and grandmother at the age of eight years old. At the age of 14 when she became pregnant they threw her out of the house and left her to the streets.

“Kendall” was assaulted by her father for years. When found pregnant her mom and dad ran her out of the house leaving her abandoned, alone, and afraid on the streets with no one to help.

raised in poverty

“Cindy” Was desperate for a sanitary pad so she could attend school. She and her family had no resources. A young man offered her pads. After supplying her pads for several months, he demanded payment in the form of sex and she became pregnant.

Your support provides & nutrition.medical care.spiritual

Shelter & Protection

Our girls come from families/situations in which they have been raped or sexually assaulted in some way. We provide them with a lovely, comfortable and safe house and compound in which to start the healing process. The girls are not used to inside flushing toilets, electricity or even having a bed so this house is like a palace to them. Through the house we want to provide an environment that displays to them God’s protection.

Health & Nutrition

The girls make all of their own food at the house. They learn to cook mainly on what are called Giko pots. These are little burners outside. Our girls eat a healthy balanced meal specifically designed for the area they are living in. It is also designed to be best for pregnant and nursing moms.

Medical Care

Our Kenyan medical team consists of nurses, nutritionists, and an OB/GYN who has a great investment in teen moms and their babies and is available to our center from the Kenyan side 24 hours a day for consultations as well as visits to the center as needed. Our US medical team consists of a Neo-natologist, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse specializing in Maternal/Child education, and a Registered Nurse specializing in lactation.

Mercy’s Light Family Medical team is constantly looking to partner with people and organizations that align with our goals of enhancing health care and clinical practices, as well as, improving maternal/child outcomes.

Spiritual Mentoring

At our center, spiritual growth is a core focus having three formal Bible studies each week, with substantial homework. In addition, we have daily devotionals with our house moms and group counseling sessions based on the Celebrate Recovery for Kids program. Every Sunday, we gather for church, reinforcing the spiritual community we’ve built.

Our approach to biblical education is hands-on. When specific issues arise, such as gossip or lying, we look up these words in the Bible to understand God’s perspective. It’s heartwarming to see the impact of these practices on the girls. Their eyes light up during Bible study time—they truly love it. It’s not uncommon to see them reading their Bibles while waiting for breakfast or during their free time. Many of the girls have professed their faith in Christ and chosen to be baptized during their time with us.


At the home, we have trauma counseling multiple times per week for the girls. Our psychological approach is compassionate and effective, helping the girls navigate their difficult pasts leading to an amazing future!

The girls share their stories and start their healing journey. Through confidential sessions, helping them work through their trauma, guiding them toward forgiveness and the freedom that comes through faith in Christ.

General education

A tutor comes to the home 2-3 times per week to teach general education. Many of our girls come to us not able to recognize their names if someone wrote it for them. Pre-preschool level at 14-16 years old.

Math and English will be necessary for them to get into a functioning business so we focus mostly on those areas to prepare them for their future business. We also have a money system in place called Mercy’s Light Bucks to teach the girls how to budget.


We aim to create a nurturing and spiritually uplifting environment where everyone feels valued and supported on their journey of faith. Meeting basic physical needs is crucial and we prioritize the spiritual needs of those at our center. Our staff is amazing at loving our girls and babies, showcasing for them the love of Christ! When we travel, our main goal is to love and nurture our Kenyan and travel teams.

Business & Vocational Training

Experts agree that small to medium-sized businesses are the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Our plan for the girls at our center involves a comprehensive approach to help them achieve personal growth and financial independence.

In their first year, we focus on their healing and on teaching them to dream, often for the first time in their lives. Many of these girls have endured extreme hardship, where even indoor plumbing feels like an unattainable luxury. The concept of self-sufficiency and financial success seems beyond their reach.

Then introduce them to various vocational skills, allowing them to explore different career paths. These skills include tailoring, catering and cooking, leatherwork, beadwork, in the future we hope to add to high-quality childcare and salon/hairdressing. While they specialize in one area, they receive a broad exposure to each.

Then we equip them with essential business skills such as budgeting, accounting, marketing, record-keeping, and market research. They also learn about hiring practices, preparing them for potential entrepreneurship.

Finally, our program’s goal is to see these young women start a business and thrive in their businesses, achieve success, and help others follow in their footsteps.

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