Business Incubators

Transforming lives through business & discipleship.

Securing a future and providing a way of escape for Kenyan women trapped in abuse.

This all started as a dream of one of our founders to empower young moms, use local materials, and produce an amazing product with powerful health benefits. By focusing on the local production and sale of these products, these ventures support the community’s economy while creating sustainable opportunities for struggling mothers. These projects represent a unique blend of entrepreneurship, social impact, and community advancement, fostering a brighter future for those involved.

Miele Coconut Oil

Milele Oil

The Milele Oil Coconut Project is an innovative business incubation initiative with a dual mission: empowering early mothers in financial need and producing high-quality coconut-based products exclusively for the Kenyan market. Known as “Milele Soft,” this project employs local women who have faced economic hardship, providing them with stable work and skills development.

Inspired by the vision of one of our Kenyan directors, who is passionate about the versatility of coconuts, the project aims to harness the diverse uses of coconut oil. Beyond its well-known applications for skin, hair, cooking, coffee, and baby supplements, coconut oil has myriad other uses. Our project explores the full potential of coconuts, producing not only pure virgin oil but also related products like charcoal, milk, hair fibers, baking flavors, and even ice cream.

Mango Jam

Mango Jam Project offers more than just employment—it provides training and skill development, empowering women to gain valuable experience in food production and business operations. The project is built on a foundation of sustainability, emphasizing the use of locally sourced ingredients and eco-friendly practices.

Participants in the project learn the art of jam-making, from selecting the best mangoes to perfecting the recipes that make our jam unique. As they develop these skills, they also build a sense of community, working together to create a product that reflects the flavors of Kenya.