Milele Oil

Our first business incubation project!

MILELE: forever, for all eternity

adverb; origin = Swahili

Milele Soft, Forever Soft

Milele Soft began with a vision from one of our passionate Kenyan directors, who saw the incredible potential of coconuts and their diverse uses. Driven by her dedication to making a difference, she envisioned a project that could empower early mothers in the community by providing them with meaningful employment. These women, struggling financially, would be given the opportunity to manufacture 100% pure virgin coconut oil, exclusively for sale within Kenya.

Our director’s dream was to harness the many benefits of coconut oil, from skincare and haircare to cooking, coffee enhancement, baby supplements, and adult health. However, her discovery extended beyond just oil. She found that coconuts could be transformed into more than five different products, including charcoal, milk, fibers for mats, baking flavorings, and even ice cream.

With this expansive vision, Milele Soft was born. The project not only focuses on producing high-quality coconut oil but also on creating a sustainable source of income for struggling mothers. By offering them stable jobs and vocational training, Milele Soft helps lift families out of poverty and fosters a supportive community. This initiative stands as a testament to the power of vision and dedication, transforming lives through the simple yet versatile coconut.

Frances & Lisa

Frances and Lisa have been integral to the Milele Coconut Project since its inception in March 2021. Their days start with an hour of Bible study before production begins, a time they both cherish deeply. Frances, who left school in eighth grade to help raise her siblings and later found herself in a difficult marital situation, finds immense joy in teaching others in her unreached community about the Word. Despite the project facing tough times and offering minimal pay, Frances and Lisa perform their roles with remarkable dedication and joy, motivated by the promise of self-sufficiency through future sales. Since joining the project, Frances has not only learned to produce virgin coconut oil but has also experienced significant spiritual growth, gained hope, and improved her ability to care for her family.