Pray For Us

Pray for our girls

We invite you to join us in a powerful act of love and support by committing to pray for the girls at Mercy’s Light Family. Each of these young women has faced significant challenges and traumas, and your prayers can make a profound difference in their journey towards healing and hope. Please pray for:

Protection: Ask for God’s divine protection over each girl as she navigates through the difficulties of her past and works towards a brighter future.

Strength and Courage: Pray for the strength and courage to overcome their past traumas, and for their hearts and minds to be healed by God’s unfailing love.

Wisdom and Opportunity: Request wisdom and understanding as they pursue education and vocational training. Pray for doors of opportunity to open and for the resources they need to be provided.

Spiritual Growth: Pray for their spiritual development and for them to find strength and solace in God’s Word and the community around them.

Supportive Relationships: Ask for positive, supportive relationships to surround them, helping them build confidence and know they are never alone.

Pray for our babies

We also urge you to pray for the precious babies at Mercy’s Light Family. These little ones need our prayers for protection, health, and a loving environment to grow and thrive. Please pray for:

Protection: Ask for God’s loving protection over each baby, shielding them from harm and providing peace and comfort.

Health: Pray for their physical health, strong bodies, and robust immune systems. Request blessings for their growth and development milestones.

Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being: Pray for their emotional security and spiritual well-being. Ask that they feel safe and loved, and that they come to know God as their loving Father.

Mothers and Caregivers: Request wisdom, patience, and love for the mothers and caregivers. Pray that they can nurture their children in a way that honors God and prepares them for a hopeful future.

pray for our staff

We invite you to join us in a powerful act of love and support by committing to pray for the dedicated staff at Mercy’s Light Family. These individuals work tirelessly to transform lives, offering their time, energy, and compassion to support young girls and their babies in need.

Pray for Strength and Endurance: The work our staff does can be physically and emotionally demanding. Pray for their stamina and well-being, that they may continue to serve with energy and resilience.

Pray for Wisdom and Guidance: Each day presents new challenges and decisions. Pray for discernment and wisdom for our staff, that they may be guided to make the best choices for the girls and babies in their care.

Pray for Spiritual Growth: Our staff members are not just caregivers; they are also spiritual mentors. Pray for their own spiritual journeys, that they may grow closer to God and be continually renewed in their faith.

Pray for Protection: Working in areas affected by poverty and trauma can be risky. Pray for the safety and protection of our staff as they navigate these environments to bring hope and healing.

Your prayers are a vital support for our team, empowering them to continue their mission with courage and love. Join us in lifting up our staff, ensuring they have the strength and guidance needed to make a lasting impact.

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