LIFT Adult Female Literacy Program

LIFT women out of poverty and illiteracy.

Empowering women through faith and literacy.

The LIFT Adult Female Literacy Program in Vipingo, Kenya, is transforming lives by challenging cultural norms and overcoming societal constraints. Women in this Muslim-dominated region are often denied access to education, making it difficult if not impossible to navigate daily life and leaving them with no opportunities.

With LIFT, they now have a second chance to reclaim their right to learn for the first time as adults.

This program supports women as they embark on a journey to acquire essential skills in reading and writing, providing not only educational resources but also a sense of community and belonging. Our sessions are designed to be inclusive and encouraging, ensuring that each woman feels valued and capable of growth.

LIFT also nurtures spiritual growth, integrating faith-based teachings into the curriculum. As women learn to read and write, they are also introduced to the freedom that comes with knowing Jesus. The program’s supportive environment fosters connections among participants, allowing them to share their stories and inspire each other.

By embracing education and faith, LIFT is empowering women to take control of their futures and create better opportunities for themselves and their families.