The graduation ceremony at Tiwi was adorable, amazing, hot, long and worth every minute and drop of sweat!
There were a lot of speakers
from the Education office – all had amazing things to say about Tiwi and
the education they are receiving and how well it has done in the
District scores for years and years – every since we had 8th grade!
It was great to honor the KG-3’s and the standard 8’s in graduation with cake.
It was great to honor the top 3 students of every class as well as the most improved students in each grade.
There was a lot of honoring of the teachers in various forms as well!

The KG-3’s did a presentation that I will try to attached in another post. 8th graders did some serious Zumba moves! The a lot of students from different grades did a presentation on their future career dreams. It brought warmth to my heart to see this. Because years ago these students didn’t have dreams of careers they could easily share. We have done a lot of work on what each career entails as far as education and also lots of options of careers as well. To see 8th grade girls walking out as a doctor, to see boys walking out as lawyers and business men and even the president of Kenya with 2 body guards. Little ones coming out looking like Kenyan police, little Amanda the cutest thing every coming out as a KG-3 DR. Several nurses and so many other occupations! So awesome.

It was amazing to see ALL the parents there. Most of them Muslim and some that are Christian but all of the speakers where Christian. Last few photos were of a girl named Kerry – not many Carrie’s in Kenya so we got a photo together! To see more photos check out the album I uploaded right before this. Was long day – very tired. Had some car trouble today but have a few new Kenyan crafts to showcase in one last post. PS I did get through the presentation without crying but it was close!#KenyaOct2016