November 3 Day 7Makes me sad to write day 7 because I know it is all coming to a close on this side, at least way too soon.But need to get home to get started on 2 amazing valentine’s day events we have planned for our friends on 2/11/17.1. Hero’s Heart Valentine Magic at Kelly’s Bleachers in Big Bend from 11-2 where your little valentines can meet their hero’s – Spanish Princess and Bat-someone while at the same time being a hero for the kids in Kenya! You won’t want to miss this one – we have requests for tickets already and there will be limited space to have quality time with our princess and bat-person!2. Power of Love Event that night where you and your sweetheart can enjoy an amazing steak or chicken corden bleu dinner and more and also a great musical show and silent auction.But today was an awesome day. Had a few great meetings. First with Joy who runs the Life Spring Rescue Center.We talked about administrative type things to think about for the center employees, salaries, budgets, how and where to find people. Her thoughts on choices for vocational training and how and where the girls should go to regular school as well and so much more.Learned so much so grateful we were able to meet. She as referred me to Mr. Williams who runs a rescue center for girls that have been molested or raped and are in the court system. Some of the girls are pregnant as a result of these offenses so he has some experience in that area. I was able to book a meeting with him for Monday at 11! Cannot wait to talk with him to get more accurate budget numbers for daily life in the center and hear about counseling and other programs he offers.Then I had an hour before my next meeting and Alice showed me to a classroom w here I could wait with a table and chair to take my notes instead of my normal bench office. (which does hurt your back after awhile!)I loved what I found on the dry erase board – the Armor of God. Good reminder.Then I had a meeting with Muhanga Muhati! We have been communicating by Facebook for many, many months and were finally able to meet in person!!!!
It was so great to be honest about joys and struggles. To know that others in ministry have the same struggles and know that we can support each other in prayer and hopefully in concrete ways as well makes all the difference!She is doing a ministry to women on the streets. To hear of her journey is to hear of mine. I feel like God connected us because we are experiencing exactly the same things. So grateful and looking forward to finding ways to connect.Let’s all time a minute right now to pray for her and her ministry Street Light Ministries to girls of all ages on the streets. Tough and sometimes scary work – and so worth it! We will keep going!Then I came back home for a little while and thought I was in for th night and would work on typing up all my notes and getting more things organized, BUT after a few minutes got a call from an architect Pastor Allan had mentioned he would have call me when he returned from Nairobi if it was before I left.I didn’t know if that would happen as Monday is my last day and he was in Nairobi. But, he came back last night and he called right from Pastor Allan’s office and we were able (thanks to UBER) to do a very quick meeting at the Java House cafe. (Laura Liesen Danbrea sorry you missed it – but no mochas this time- it was 7pm!)He expects he will have some designs of the building for me to look at by Saturday!!!!!He is also an contract estimator so he will be able to give me better quality estimates on the cost of the wall and other things I mentioned in one of yesterday’s posts!So excited. Still no word on the exact price of the land, but things are moving forward.Early morning tomorrow. Have to be out of the house by 6am. It is 9pm here now. Have lots of notes to type up but may leave those for tomorrow night or the Saturday.Tomorrow – HEADING TO SOUTH COAST AND MY TIWI TEACHERS and of course the amazing Fred Muisyo!8th grade exams are over prayer for good reports on those around December 28. School grounds are open tomorrow for closing ceremonies and then holiday until they start their new school year in January.Prayers over ferry ride on the way there and on way home especially – please please please no 3 hour long lines to get on ferry and then traffic through town. BUT whatever it takes – I will be in Tiwi tomorrow to say hello and thank you for all your hard work!Until tomorrow….#KenyaOct2016