Help us Train local woman in Christian leadership to lead our business and vocational programs. 

Most leadership groups in Kenya focus on men. And women, especially in Kenya, have unique challenges to overcome given societal expectations and life experiences.

We need to raise up and empower women into leadership of their their lives and their families and so they can empower the girls of Vipingo and Kilifi County. We need a space full of resources and trainings to make this happen.

2. Amazingly strong, long-term Christian workers, reaching unreached people groups with the Gospel are burning out. It’s a very difficult area to work in. Our own staff and every other Christians I saw on the ground fulltime in our area of Kenya, were EXHAUSTED…

People running hospitals, schools, planting churches, developing leaders in churches, maternity homes… all doing amazing work for the Lord… EXHAUSTED. The difficulty was on their faces, in their words, and in their levels of hope and drive.

There is a desperate need for a place to retreat to spend silent time with God refreshing and recharging them. Books, hope, encouragement, time away with God and air conditioning! Something that they don’t get to enjoy at their homes even though the temps are over 100 degrees and humid daily in the summer.

3. Travel teams to stay very near the project.

Long-term interns, social workers, building/repair teams, business experts, leadership trainers and various mission trips – medical or relational will have a place to stay to work at our projects in all our areas.

4. One of the biggest worries our social worker has every day we have a pregnant girl in the house is….

What if she has a difficult delivery and we are not able to transport her to the proper medical facility fast enough?

Right now we are at the mercy of public transport and after rush hours that is not very frequent. This center will give us the ability to have a vehicle nearby at all times.