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Jesus Love - Joy Filling House

Although basic physical needs must be met, the most important thing to us is the spiritual needs at the center.

We work in a community considered by the “Joshua Project” an unreached people group for the gospel (Coastal regions of Kenya).

The coast region, when Kenya first got it’s independence in the early 1960’s was settled under Muslim Law. When we hire staff  Christian spiritual maturity and a developed walk with Christ are important to our hiring process.

Our trips main focus is to encourage staff and community in their spirituality. Bring them books, listen to them, and encourage them in their walk with the Lord. Doing this will make them to best JOY FILLED LOVING EXAMPLES FOR THE GIRLS.

While we are in the US and not with them in person we do regular times of corporate prayer over the girls and the staff in the area of spiritual growth and maturity.

Every staff meeting we share our priorities in the house:

  1. Your personal relationship with Jesus.
  2.  Your relationship with others in the house.
  3. Investing in those around you.
  4. The tasks you are responsible for in the house

What the girl’s routine is around spiritual education:

Three formal Bible studies a week (with substantial homework in each)

Twice daily devotionals with house moms

Group counseling based loosely off of Celebrate Recovery for Kids Church every Sunday

Biblical education in actual practice: Looking up words like gossip, lying and other things in the word to see what the Bible says about them when there are specific issues at the house.

Bring to the table next week your favorite Bible verse and a drawing that shows what that verse means to you.