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Dawne Suehring

Dawne Suehring was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin. The eldest of five children, a sense of responsibility, caring and nurturing seemed embedded within her from an early age. Her sense of caring served her well in her years of babysitting; as a volunteer “Candy Striper” at the local hospital; as she worked as a Nursing Assistant, then Employed Student Nurse, and later as a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse). Responsibility, drive and perseverance were embodied in Dawne’s pursuit of her education she achieved an Advanced Practice Nurse degree in Neonatology.

With a desire to help others less fortunate Dawne’s passion for infants and children expanded to mission work. Traveling to Kenya in 2016 was the birth of a new passion… A love for a beautiful people in a very different, but beautiful land. To date Dawne has completed five trips to Kenya with recent trips focusing on education and working with pregnant teenagers and their babies. The relationships that have developed and the spiritual growth and development of her faith are among Dawne’s many great BLESSINGS….