Miele Coconut Oil

First business incubation project – 

Milele (Forever in Swahili) Oil Coconut Project: 

“Milele Soft”/Forever Soft

We hire, early moms from the community who are struggling financially to manufacturer 100% pure virgin coconut oil for sale ONLY within Kenya!

Birthed out of vision of one of our Kenyan directors. She had a vision and passion for coconuts and specifically all the uses of their oil. Skin, hair, cooking, coffee, baby supplement, adult health and medical benefits.

But even she didn’t know that a coconut can be used to harvest more than 5 different products, only 1 of which is oil!

Charcoal, milk, oil, hairs from husky’s mats, baking flavor coconut, ice cream!



She dropped out of school in 8th grade to help raise her siblings.

She entered into a relationship with a man, became pregnant, only to discover the man was already married. 

Reluctantly she agreed to be a second wife rather than be a single mother. She remains in the toxic environment to care for her children as she has no funds or opportunities have been available to her….



Frances joined the Milele Coconut project in March 2021 coming for 5 months when the project was solely a Bible study. 

During her Biblical Studies she gained the ability to read scriptures, navigate conflicts – including those in her family life, and sharing with others around her utilizing her knowledge of God’s Word. 

After joining the Milele project, Frances’s life dramatically improved. She had learned to make virgin coconut oil, blossomed spiritually, gained hope, and increased her ability to care for her family. 

She cannot wait to see this project grow to help others like her out their in the community suffering…  

Frances is praying for the donors because “it takes a hand of God, for a stranger to lend a hand to someone they don’t even know to give them a better life.”

As in all businesses, the first year or two are the hardest…and some assistance to get started is necessary…

Currently, moving to the husks of the coconut and turning that into charcoal is our next business move. But, we don’t have the proper machines to do that process yet.

This will get the project to self-sustainability – that is the goal of all of our projects. It is not about supporting forever. Ideally it is 3 years and then moving on to the next project!

And of course it will also give Frances her children income to eat and send their kids to school.


March 2021 – Daily Bible study began

April or May 2021 – Production was expected to begin; equipment delays

August 2021 – Production actually started – this is when a small stipend to help with transportation costs began for “Frances” and “Lisa”.

October 2021 – We finalized product packaging and branding and late October had our first formal sales!

Late 2021 – Sales have been increasing and great testimonies on the product. We do have some packaging improvements to make for tighter seals. But the product itself is perfect!

Coconut pricing is on the rise and maternity of coconuts due to draught and other factors is declining.

YOU joining us to get “Frances” and “Lisa” and future women to the next level!



Frances and Lisa have been working on the coconut project since its inception in March 2021.

When you talk with Frances and Lisa the first thing they will mention to you and you will see their faces light up – is that they do Bible study for one hour each day prior to productions.

Frances reports loving being able to teach others in her unreached people group about what the Word says!

Frances and Lisa have stayed with us through very difficult times over the last few months. They are receiving very little pay, really only enough to cover their transportation to the project to work as their pay will come from sales and increase, motivating them to self-sufficiency.

And yet despite this low pay they do their jobs with incredible perfection and joy.

To get this project financially self-sustaining, and to get Frances and Lisa to the point of making this project worth their time and energy….

We need to branch out and start using other parts of the coconut, not just the oil that can be extracted.

I am not a doomsday type of person… I’m very much look at all God has done… and He has done amazing work in this project so far….

*Idea for this project has be birthed out a vision through prayer.

*Employees that we have and that have stayed during tough times.

*Name Milele came out a crazy weird conversation about favorite Swahili words and Milele is one of my favorites and it was like….wait… that’s it! Forever soft!

*Connections within the governmental university to get us up off the ground and even meeting those connections was a miracle and that the discussion of coconut would come up….

God is in this project….

And also the project is in desperate months right now…

Lisa and Frances – really need your help.

The future girls that will rise into this project and find the love of God need you now…..