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Carrie Reichartz

Carrie Reichartz, founder, is a Rising Star lawyer, author, speaker, and nonprofit director. She has survived rape, sexual, physical and emotional abuse and she has become a global example for many others not to allow their circumstances to define them. Carrie has demonstrated through her life and work with others throughout the United States and Kenya that no matter what happens in life, each of us can overcome, and help others.

Carrie’s legal experience, full of empathy and humanity, allow her to successfully work with women and girls that have been through trauma and help them transform their lives. She serves as a powerful advocate for those in need of assistance. Carrie also works with women in all walks of life both in the US and Kenya inspiring, encouraging, and praying them to Dream , Learn, and Fly in whatever God has called them too. She has been the visionary behind Mercy’s Light Family – a pregnancy crisis trauma center/Maternity Center in Mombasa, Kenya.

Carrie’s core passion is helping children and also helping women in need, to understand that circumstance do not bind their lives. In the U.S., she travels the world to share her story of trauma to inspire and encourage others to do the same in their lives. Carrie is the author of many books, including, Lawyer to Missionary: A Journey to Kenya and Back Again and The Journey Continues. With her boundless energy, she is in various stages of other books in development. Carrie is a wife and mother of three soon-to-be twenty-somethings, including a blended family. She resides with her family just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.