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Dr. Anna Kostelanetz

Keeping babies and children healthy was always a passion of mine. I enjoy watching kids play. Their curious mind continue to fascinate me. My childhood dream was to become a pediatrician.

I graduated from St. Petersburg Pediatric Academy and practiced neonatology in St. Petersburg, Russia for 7 years.

After my husband was invited as a Fulbright professor to the University of Missouri, our family immigrated to the United States. In order to be able to practice medicine in the United States, I completed residency in pediatrics and fellowship in neonatology. Currently, I am practicing neonatology in Milwaukee area. My husband and I have 5 grown up children and 5 grandchildren.

Our family was always using travel as a tool for learning language, culture, and traditions of people around the world. After seeing such a great diversity of people, my conclusion was simple: every family in this world wishes to have healthy and happy children. I also went back to Russia and was participating in improvement of neonatal care.

Infinitely More gave me this unique opportunity to make a difference in health of children in a small village of rural Kenya. My focus is to provide education for the local clinic, for tribal birth attendants, and for young mothers and their caregivers at Mercy’s Light.